WP Tabs Plugin 1

Four years ago, maybe more .... it gets confusing .... Rob decided to 'hack' something together to display some content in directory frameworks. Using tabs. It was a real gem and we shelved it for a couple of years whilst life happened.

Intro Tab 2

The WordPress Tabs Plugin is a plugin that will fit on any WordPress theme. It was however developed with our own WP THEME HOSHTOKOLOSH in mind. The first TAB I wish to explain a bit more about, is something that is a specific DYNAMIC element for specifically our theme.

Info Tab 3

Info Tab is similar to the INTRO TAB in that ANYTHING can be created as a template with some HTML & CSS and a custom tab be created that can work across post types on your project.

WordPress TwitterBot Demo 1

So I thought it better to start a new Twitter account, take a user through the process of adding the WORDPRESS TWITTERBOT onto a domain, getting it active and how to use it.

WordPress TwitterBot Setup 2

You will need a WordPress self hosted install to make TwitterBot work. You can run it within your existing WP install, or use a fresh sub folder or sub domain install.

Test Fire Bot 3

TitterBot is now ready, installed with an account set up to test. Time to dig in and 'test fire' the system on manual to check all is well.

Search Term Options 4

TwitterBot can be used in multiple ways to enhance your Social Media account. Before I dig into setting up a 'robot infrastructure' let me run through some of the settings panels.

TwitterBot User Options 5

Users. People. Ah. Wherever we find people we will find confrontation online. So we had to make some additional provision to 'manage conflict' and eliminate increased risk of 'conflict.

WordPress TwitterBot Settings 6

Settings panel in the WordPress backend offer some dynamic options for you to engage with the content your robot had added to the data it 'fetched'. Choose your weapons!

TweetDeck Bot Trainer 7

How can you 'test' or 'measure' what potential data your robot can 'fetch' before you even start 'programming' your first bot ? Use a FREE TWITTER tool called TweetDeck.