Wales Daily Framework

The requirement was simple at first, but over the months I added additional features and tools to turn the start off concept into a huge marketing machine.

Hello World

That said, it seems pretty obvious to me that my organisational ability wasn’t crafted to be in a laid back slow paced environment – that usually just gets me into trouble as the boredom sets in after three minutes.

Snowdonia Distillery

I was lucky enough to get a chance to showcase the ability of using HOSHTOKOLOSH as a framework when a premium WordPress theme developed an error and wouldn’t function any more.

Screenshot Machine

Our WP SCREENSHOT plugin is using SCREENSHOT MACHINE as a third party supplier. The API has been integrated with the added bonus of being able to call inside pages on any domain. I have been using this plugin for over two years, and it has yet to fail me.

FormidablePro Coupon Code

As we have varied social media profiles and wanted to allow scheduling to these via TWEETPRESS but wanted to control access without any need for passwords, logins or backend access.

Submit Your Free Link via WP

And yet. The details which are added can leave you speechless sometimes. So I should write about YOUR business ? Where do I fuel that passion from ? Or pretend to know what you do ?

Content Types & Taxonomies

It was a requirement, not a luxury to have this additional ‘expansion’ on tap in the HOSH TOKOLOSH theme we are developing. The only question was how to manage this.

WordPress Tweet Scheduling

So some people out there are charging for a service which I was pretty sure WordPress could do. Armed with a bag of enthusiasm and a Hungarian MadMan to help we set off to create a scheduling service which could enhance Social Media Marketing. We have been called mad before.

CVSC Cymru

Community was at the heart of the 'design' behind TweetPress. The concept to create a channel which would allow all community / third sector participants to utilize the marketing ability on an ALL INCLUSIVE approach seemed an amazing opportunity to focus on the SOCIAL in SOCIAL MEDIA.

WordPress Directory & All That

Firstly, it’s all about WordPress. Integrating all functionality we can to the WP framework. Secondly you will notice a lot of directory frames.